What is Bullseye Shooting?

TSC offers many opportunities for pistol shooters to learn and improve skills with precision shooting. Bullseye shooting is an excellent way for beginners to learn and practice safe shooting.

Bullseye pistol shooting follows a structured match with three stages/targets. The stages are slow, timed, and rapid. The Slow target is 10 shots over 10 minutes. The Timed stage is 5 shots over 20 seconds, fired twice. The Rapid state is 5 shots over 10 seconds, fired twice. Each target is worth 100 points and the match is worth 300 points.

Shooters use .22 Pistols with .22 standard velocity ammunition. Red dot style target scopes may be used or some shooters prefer to use open sights. Some matches include optional centerfire pistols for a greater challenge.

900 matches: A 900 match consists of 9 stages  (3 slow, 3 timed, and 3 rapid) and the targets add up to 900 points.

For inquiries, contact – [email protected].

Various Leagues and Programs Offered:

TSC 900 Outdoor League

Our Outdoor 900 League runs from Mid-May until September each year.
Matches are Wednesday evenings (6 PM signup / Match starts at 7 PM).
Matches alternate weekly between .22 only and centerfire or .22.

TSC 900 Indoor .22 League

Our Indoor .22 Pistol League runs from Mid-October until Early-March each year.
Matches are on Saturday morning (9 AM signup / Match runs from 10 AM to noon).

Western New York Outdoor Pistol League

Our Outdoor Traveling Pistol League runs from Early-May until Early-October each year.
Matches are on Sunday morning (9 AM signup / 10 AM to noon Match).
The 1st match is a .22 match. The (optional) 2nd match is an open-caliber centerfire match.

Suburban Pistol League

TSC is part of the Suburban Traveling Pistol League which runs from Early-October until Mid-February each year.
Matches are typically on Monday night (7 PM signup / 7:30 PM to 9 PM Match).
The match is a .22 bullseye format.