A letter from the Board

It is each member’s responsibility for shooting safely. If you see something, say something. If you’re hunting, merely stating “safety on?” after someone shoots, is good common sense. Correcting a newcomer at any range will create safer surroundings for all. Be nice, we all were new to shooting sports at one time. Helping another shooter practice safe firearm procedures is win-win. This is OUR Club, therefore ALL member’s need to be aware of their surroundings, whether eating, shooting or walking to their vehicle. If you’re new to firearms, please ask for assistance, someone is always happy to help.

Remember, there is no “ego” in safety. A smart shooter is always learning. A “know it all” is usually the one to do something stupid with a lame excuse that can never undo an unsafe act. We are all human and we will make mistakes, but if we watch out for each other, we can prevent mistakes from happening.

Safety never sleeps.

The Board

Club Procedures, Range Rules & Safety Notices

All Hunting on TSC property is for members only. No guests are allowed to Hunt – Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, Goose, Duck, etc. You can Hunt anywhere on the TSC property – marked in “RED” on the TSC map. For permission for a youth Hunter to join you, contact the Board of Directors.

All tree stands must be manufactured. No homemade or wood-constructed stands are allowed. Stands cannot be installed until September 15th and must be removed by December 30th each season. No exceptions, a safety harness MUST be used in all stands (ladder, hang on & climbers). Members must have their name & phone number attached to any stands installed on Club property.

Many of our maps are broken into “Zones” (for Pheasant hunting purposes). Some old maps show Zone #10 (right / east of the Zone #9 fields which previously was leased) which is not TSC property.


  1. Exception: Pheasant hunting (during morning hunt hours on Saturday and Sunday only – if you are a guest of a “351” Member and have the permission of the “351” coordinator). This is allowed due to the additional fees involved in Pheasant hunting.
  2. Members are NOT allowed to use personal ATVs or Snow Mobiles on TSC property.
  3. “351” will not release Pheasants in Zones 6+7 (North of the Railroad Bed) during Deer
    • Bow and Shot Gun season (so minimal Pheasant Hunters will be in those fields throughout the Deer Bow and Shot Gun season thus leaving it more pleasurable to Deer Hunt in that area).
  4. You MUST be a Member of TSC AND the “351” Pheasant program to hunt Pheasants on our property.

Shot Gun Patterning Board (Shotguns ONLY)

The Shotgun Pattering Board is located to the left of Skeet Field #1. The Patterning board can help Trap or Skeet Shooters find their guns “point of Impact”.
This is important in finding where your guns shot pattern is relative to the clay target.You should grease the steel plate face and then place a spent (used) shotgun shell on the center peg to aim at. There is Grease and a roller for your use located behind the board.Then, stand approximately even with the back side of Trap house #1. Shoot 2 or 3 rounds at the spent shell. If your pattern is high or low or too far left or right, you can adjust the comb or vent rib, and retry your shot. Hopefully, this will result in more shot reaching the clay target. Please remember to use short brass with 7-1/2 to 9 shot size and lead shot only.

NO Steel shot, Deer Slugs, Rifles or Pistols are allowed.

Shotgun Home Defense Gun Board (Shotguns ONLY) - Currently CLOSED Until Further Notice

Next to the Steel Pattering Board is a 4’ x 4’ plywood board (usually covered by cardboard) to learn the use of your home defense gun. Staple or tape your target to the cardboard. Then, stand approximately even with the back side of Trap House #1 to Shoot. Please remember to use short brass with 7-1/2 to 9 shot size only.

No Deer Slugs, Rifles, or Pistols are allowed.

Outdoor Ranges

  • Outdoor Pistol Range: ONLY Pistol Calibers and Rimfire can be used on this Range. See Rulebook for specifics.
    • Range use restricted to Members with the YELLOW Lanyard.
    • For those who need to take the safety course and get the YELLOW Lanyard, Mandatory safety classes are being given – refer to the club calendar for dates & times.
  • Outdoor Rifle Range: All Shooting must take place from the bench under the shelter at fixed distances with no portable stands. Shoot only at targets in your lane. Cross-lane shooting prohibited.
    • (10) Rifle Stations: ONLY Long guns and Carbines can be shot on these stations. Shotguns with DEER SLUGS ONLY.
    • (4) Pistol Stations: ONLY Pistol Calibers and Rimfire can be used on these stations.
  • Range shooting rules:
    • Shooters using the target frames MUST be on the same line.
    • Bring 24” x 18” to 24” cardboard with you, down to the frames to staple or tape your target onto and place into the target frame.
    • If you wish to have a table to set equipment on, bring your own.
  • Trap/Skeet & Sporting Clay Courses: Target/Hunting Shotguns ONLY with 7-1/2 to 9 shot size.

Mandatory Range Safety Classes

In order to use the Outdoor Pistol Range, Outdoor Rifle Range or the Indoor Pistol Range, you must take the corresponding MANDATORY Safety Course and obtain the specific lanyard or access card.
Please refer to the Club Calendar for dates and times.

Safety Class Process:

  • Download and read through the respective rules BEFORE coming to class.
  • Email Dave Wilde ([email protected]) with your name and date you will attend the class.
  • Take the class, sign the paperwork & receive your lanyard/access card.