Embrace the wild!

Hunting at TSC!

TSC has over 265 acres of land to hunt anything from whitetail to rabbits and squirrels. The club also stocks and releases pheasants on the property. If you hunt, run dogs, or enjoy acres upon acres of woods to view, TSC is the place for you!

Hunting options include Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, Goose, Duck, Squirrel and Pheasants.

Hunting Rules and Regulations:

All Hunting on TSC property is for members only. No guests are allowed to Hunt – Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, Goose, Duck, etc. You can Hunt anywhere on TSC property – marked in “RED” on the TSC map. For permission for a youth Hunter to join you, contact the Board of Directors.

All tree stands must be manufactured. No homemade or wood-constructed stands allowed. Stands cannot be installed until September 15th and must be removed by December 30th each season. A safety harness MUST be used in all stands (ladder, hang on & climbers) no exceptions. Members must have their name & phone number attached to any stands installed on Club property.

Many of our maps are broken into “Zones” (for Pheasant hunting purposes). Some old maps show a Zone #10 (right / east of the Zone #9 fields which previously was leased) which is not TSC property.


  1. Exception: Pheasant hunting (during morning hunt hours on Saturday and Sunday only – if you are a guest of a “351” Member and has permission of the “351” coordinator). This is allowed due to the additional fees involved in Pheasant hunting.
  2. Members are NOT allowed to use personal ATV’s or Snow Mobiles on TSC property.
  3. “351” will not release Pheasants in Zones 6+7 (North of the Railroad Bed) during Deer.
    • Bow and Shot Gun season (so minimal Pheasant Hunters will be in those fields throughout the Deer Bow and Shot Gun season thus leaving it more pleasurable to Deer Hunt in that area).
  4. You MUST be a Member of TSC AND the “351” Pheasant program to hunt Pheasants on our property.