Steel Challenge

If you are new to this style of shooting, please try and make at least one practice so that safety brief and range commands can be reviewed. Practice is a good place to make sure that your sights are on at the ranges we are shooting and equipment is functioning as you expect it to be! 

Required Equipment:

Firearm in good working order (22 Rimfire pistol/rifle, centerfire pistol, pistol caliber carbine)
~200 rounds of ammunition for your firearm (jacketed OK)
Strong side holster for centerfire, bag/chamber flag for 22 Pistol/Rifle or PCC & 5 magazines

Safe Area:

Please use the window at the block building at the top of the range for holstering your unloaded pistol or doing any sort of work on your firearm.

Load/Unload Station:

TSC Indoor Pistol Range or TSC Outdoor Rifle Range.
Please do not come downrange with a loaded firearm. All unloading should be done at the load/unload station. All handling should be done at the safe area or under supervision of an RO.

Monthly Event:

See TSC Sportscaster articles
Event Location: TSC Outdoor Pistol Range or Email Dave Wilde
Cost: $20.00 paid at event / 6 stages
Setup 8:00am
Squad 101-103 Check in/Briefing 8:30am / Shooting Starts at 9:00am
Squad 201-203 Check in/Briefing 12:00pm / Shooting Starts at 12:30pm 


See TSC Sportscaster articles
Sign up at

For more information, Contact Dave Wilde  

Steel Challenge is shot on 8 set stages, at TSC we typically shoot the first 6 stages below per match.

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