The Tonawandas Sportsmen’s Club Calendar of Events

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Range Rentals @ TSC

Range Rentals to Federal Agencies are a major part of TSC’s income and subsidize a portion of our membership dues.

Range Rental criteria:

  • The number of Rental days on the Outdoor Pistol Range to Agencies is currently unlimited. (An adjustment is being studied to strike a balance between our funding requirements and the availability of the range for our membership.)
    • When the outdoor pistol range is rented, members with access may use the indoor pistol range.
  • In rare events the Rifle Range maybe also be rented.
    • We try to schedule all Rentals on the Pistol Range 1st and the Rifle Range is used as overflow. This allows our Members who want to shoot Pistol and Rifle to have an open outdoor range.
    • In these situations, we recommend Pistol shooters to leverage the Indoor Pistol Range.
  • In 2020, we allowed a maximum of (40) Rental days on the Rifle Range in the Calendar Year.
    • For 2021 we dropped the allowable number of Rental days to (25) per Calendar Year on the Rifle Range.
    • Once those are used up, the Agency must use an open day on the Pistol Range, or the Rental request would be denied.
  • Typically, when you see a Rental on the Rifle Range, it will be for several days by the same Federal Agency to do their qualifying all in one week.

Note: Normally the Agency will not stay all day. Very often they are gone by 1-2pm. If they are gone the Range is OPEN for Member use.

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