SASS Cowboy League Matches

Our match schedule has started with the next match July 16th. We set up at 6 pm on July 15th.

If you are interested come out on the 15th we always have a few guns you can try and see what Cowboy shooting is all about and ask any questions!

The match starts at 9 AM on the 16th and we ask that you arrive by 8:30 am to sign in. If you just want to watch bring eye and hearing protection, all are welcome.

Contact Rick @ [email protected] for more info

Member Appreciation Day

We had a fantastic evening this past Friday June 24 2022, celebrating our members. Over 75 members gathered for hot dogs, shooting and socializing. A good time was had by all. An evening to enjoy the club and chat with friends both new and old. Keep an eye out for our next event. I like to thank everyone that came out to help with this event, especially Bob who cooked the hot dogs, Board of Directors, Lisa and Sharon.


Bill Gersitz

2022-23 Membership Dues Renewal

The 2022-23 membership dues are due by July 1, 2022. Renewal forms have gone out. You can renew your membership by completing the form and mailing it in with your check, or pay in-person at the bar.

If you haven’t paid your 2022-23 dues yet, please do so before the end of July.

  • 1/2 year dues are not available after June 30th.
  • A $10 late fee is added for dues paid July 31 to August 15. After that, your club membership has ended.

If you are unable to pay your dues on time, for specific reasons, such as loss of job, medical, military deployment, etc. Please submit a written explanation to the Board for their consideration

Message from the President – July 2022

Fellow Sportsmen & Women of the Tonawandas Sportsmen’s Club,

            “Two thumbs up & a whoop dee doo” to SCOTUS for giving Albany “dumb-o-crats” a reality check. We all need to support the 2nd Amendment come November! Make sure you VOTE! I will fight until my last breath if our leaders try to ban “Christmas Story” with its focus on a Red Ryder “with a compass in the stock”. If the “crats” in Albany had a “moral compass”, I’d have nothing to write about.  

            July starts our fiscal year at TSC. I truly hope everyone has paid their dues for our fine facility. More importantly, I hope everyone wanted to pay them. It takes a lot to keep us going. Sincere thanks to the few who gave notice of not renewing; things happen, and you classy folks had the decency to let us know. Our Membership Secretary, Joe Kopec*, is my Board Member of the Month. Between new member requests, new member orientation and several levels of membership renewals, he’s still at it. I almost forgot to mention the other committees and projects Joe is working on.  

            Thanks to Bill Gersitz* for supplying the hot dogs for Member Appreciation Night, Friday 6/24. Thanks to all who helped Bill make it happen.

            *I have given both Joe & Bill a significant pay raise for their hard work. They now enjoy a 7.5% increase of their current salary of $00.00. Who says being a Board Member doesn’t pay…

            Gun Raffles are back at TSC. We’re having a raffle in September with limited in-house attendance. All will receive two tickets in the mail. If you sell them, it costs you nothing. If you purchase them, well, you might be happy. All firearms are on layaway. No waiting. Details forthcoming.                       

            Summer is a busy time for all. Coming out on a Wednesday night is a great way to prep for those weekend chores!

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