Message from the President – September 2022

            Fellow Sportsmen & Women of the Tonawandas Sportsmen’s Club,

            As I am composing this, there has been no ruling from federal court on the Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA). An amendment excluding places like TSC is in committee; unfortunately, the NY legislators do not meet again until January 2023. Without an injunction, the social aspect of our fine establishment will be diminished. Rod Watson basically called Hochul & company “morons”; I am sticking with “dumb-o-crats.” Our Albany leaders deciding who can have guns sounds a lot like WWII Nazi Germany. Very scary.

            If you plan to attend the September 18th gun raffle, you need to purchase an attendance ticket. For $10.00 you get a roast beef sandwich and a cold beverage of your choice, along with door prizes, 50/50 raffles & maybe a surprise or two. A bargain extraordinaire! If your luck does not pan out with firearms, try emptying the coin carrier at the Meat Raffle October 1st! Tickets available at the bar.

            A hearty thanks to the members showing up for the Monday work parties. Work is rarely a party; it is the friendly members that make it a party. A phrase worth repeating.

            With the TSC Winter League fast approaching, any new skeet/trap shooters wanting to shoot should seek lessons on a “Bill & Sharon” fun night. I am always happy to instruct a new skeet shooter; this usually results in a shooter better than me… Following one’s own advice… Hmm                 

            We will soon hear the soothing sound of the bobwhite quail… bubbling in hot oil! Seriously, those cute little buggers can be heard from the back deck while you are enjoying a cool beverage on a Wednesday night or a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. A side note: they are hard to hear with hearing protection and practice shots at flying orange discs.

Let us all hope a federal judge sends the CCIA to its proper location, the compost heap. Meanwhile, stop in and enjoy your Club.

Message from the President – August 2022

            Fellow Sportsmen & Women of the Tonawandas Sportsmen’s Club,

            Last month I started off with “two thumbs up” … I can only offer one thumb up this month because I let my self slip up on SAFETY. Assuming someone else will be on the same page while performing a risky task is like thinking “someone else” will stand up for the 2nd Amendment. We all need to be on the same team regarding safety & our 2A rights!

            All members should have received two September Gun Raffle tickets. Please do your best to sell or purchase these important fund-raising items. Stop by the Club and get some Side Gun Raffle tickets or an event day ticket. No interest in firearms, (Then you’re probably not reading this fine publication) we have a Meat Raffle October 1st! Jolly good fun coming this fall!

            A hearty thanks to the members showing up for the Monday work parties. Work is rarely a party; it’s the friendly members that make it a party.

            As the dog days of August take our summer away in a steamy fashion, I am still wondering: “Where is Everyone?!”. What do we need to do to get people back on Wednesday nights? Same for the weekends. My email is: [email protected] Please make it explode with suggestions.

            Check us out on Facebook, seriously. It’s up to date, no more photos of gun raffles from 2018. Just like the Jefferson’s, “We’re Moving On Up”. A new website is soon to follow.                   

            Please remember November 1st is when we state, “Kathy, see you next Tuesday!”. That’s the day you and your dumb-o-crat cronies will have to get a real job. This one-party rule will get expensive for all gun owners unless we send them to the unemployment line. VOTE!!

            The next time you see me I’ll have a cast on my right hand, my dominant hand. Typing with one hand is time consuming…fortunately, I have some time to spare.

Message from the President – July 2022

Fellow Sportsmen & Women of the Tonawandas Sportsmen’s Club,

            “Two thumbs up & a whoop dee doo” to SCOTUS for giving Albany “dumb-o-crats” a reality check. We all need to support the 2nd Amendment come November! Make sure you VOTE! I will fight until my last breath if our leaders try to ban “Christmas Story” with its focus on a Red Ryder “with a compass in the stock”. If the “crats” in Albany had a “moral compass”, I’d have nothing to write about.  

            July starts our fiscal year at TSC. I truly hope everyone has paid their dues for our fine facility. More importantly, I hope everyone wanted to pay them. It takes a lot to keep us going. Sincere thanks to the few who gave notice of not renewing; things happen, and you classy folks had the decency to let us know. Our Membership Secretary, Joe Kopec*, is my Board Member of the Month. Between new member requests, new member orientation and several levels of membership renewals, he’s still at it. I almost forgot to mention the other committees and projects Joe is working on.  

            Thanks to Bill Gersitz* for supplying the hot dogs for Member Appreciation Night, Friday 6/24. Thanks to all who helped Bill make it happen.

            *I have given both Joe & Bill a significant pay raise for their hard work. They now enjoy a 7.5% increase of their current salary of $00.00. Who says being a Board Member doesn’t pay…

            Gun Raffles are back at TSC. We’re having a raffle in September with limited in-house attendance. All will receive two tickets in the mail. If you sell them, it costs you nothing. If you purchase them, well, you might be happy. All firearms are on layaway. No waiting. Details forthcoming.                       

            Summer is a busy time for all. Coming out on a Wednesday night is a great way to prep for those weekend chores!